Whatever they are made of, bumpers still perform their original function which is to protect you and your vehicle. The visible part of the bumper on your car is made of molded, high impact plastic. This gives the bumper the ability to withstand minor impact without damage. Bumpers protect the body of your vehicle, which is usually made of sheet metal. This can easily dent and is costly to repair.


Your Bumper is the first line of defense against minor parking mishaps.


The exterior skin of your bumper is just the visible part of a shock-absorbing system that protects you, your family, and your vehicle in the event of an accident. Behind the plastic exterior is a system of steel girders and shock absorbing hydraulic cylinders.


Bumpers are one of the first things you see when you look at a car or truck., and unless you live in a velvet cushioned world, sooner or later you may have to deal with damage to your bumper, whether minor bumper scratches or extensive damage that requires you to replace the bumper. 

Modern bumpers are made of synthetic material that is usually black and then painted at the factory to match the body color. Because of this, scratches and other damage stand out like a black spot on a perfectly white sheet. Many commercial vehicles still use metal bumpers that are chrome plated. But this is virtually gone in Passenger Car Production. Environmental, weight reduction and cost concerns ended the age of chrome-plated bumpers.



While minor scratches can sometimes be repaired with touch-up paints, if the bumper is dented or cracked, professional service is needed. Keep in mind that Bumpers are designed to be ” Sacrificial”. This means that they are designed to absorb damaging blows before more costly components like grills, and body sheet metal is damaged. The Diehl Collision Center team will work with you to repair or replace your vehicle's bumper. We'll take the stress out of your vehicle repair by keeping lines of communication between our repair shop, your insurance company, and you open at all times. 

Simple Scratches


These are annoying and sometimes can be covered up with touch-up paint. Most dealers will stock touch-up paints for home users to repair minor damage.

Extensive Scratches & Gouges


Repairs are difficult If the bumper is badly scratched, or if the paint is gouged deeply enough that you can feel the scratch. Special filters are needed to restore the surface, and the paints contain “Plasticizers” which allow them to withstand minor flexing without cracking. This is generally beyond the scope of the do-it-yourselfer.

Cracks & Dents


Hard impacts that leave dents or large cracks in a bumper may require replacement of the entire bumper. This is not so different from the “Good old Days” of chrome bumpers when damage was beyond a simple straightening and the only solution was a complete replacement. If the damage is the result of an accident, call your insurance carrier. The costs may be covered by your policy and if the accident was not your fault your cost may be zero.

Just Doing The Job


We have all seen a vehicle where the bumper is completely missing, or held in place by masking tape. This is a perfect example of a bumper that has done its job by protecting the rest of the car. In these cases, there may be hidden damage to the supporting structure behind the bumper. This is another example of why you will need a professional Auto Body Repair shop to get your vehicle back on the road.


In the greater Pittsburgh area, Diehl Collision Centers are your best choice for expert bumper and collision repair. We operate three facilities in Butler, Pittsburgh, Cranberry, and Grove City, PA.

We have all the equipment to repair any damage to any vehicle regardless of age, model or manufacturer including imported models. Diehl uses only OEM or OEM quality parts that guarantee every job to look and perform like new.

We will work with your insurance company to make sure you receive the maximum compensation, and always offer competitive pricing so if you are paying out of pocket, you are assured of the best pricing available.